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Y-mAbs earlier stage efforts, particularly radiolabeled Lu177-omburtamab, "could provide significant upside as it progresses through the clinic to treat B7-H3 positive CNS/LM (central nervous system / leptomeningeal metastasis) tumors in adults," Nierengarten wrote.
Under the agreement ITM receives an option for a worldwide exclusive license for clinical development and commercialisation of radiolabeled folate derivatives, while Merck KGaA will supply folate precursors for radiolabeling.
Boerman, "Radiolabeled CCK/gastrin peptides for imaging and therapy of CCK2 receptor-expressing tumors," Amino Acids, vol.
To assess the ganglioside pattern distribution of hTSCs, cells were metabolically radiolabeled with the sphingolipid precursor [3-[sup.3]H]-sphingosine and quantitatively analyzed by HTPLC coupled with a radiochromatoscanner, as described in "Materials and Methods." The ganglioside distribution in proliferating hTSCs was as follows: GM3 (30.79% [+ or -] 7.85), GM2 (2.53% [+ or -] 2.33), GM1 (7.28% [+ or -] 2.94), GD3 (43.83% [+ or -] 19.35), and GD1a (4.71% [+ or -] 2.80), with GM3 and GD3 being the main gangliosides (Figure 1(a) and 1(b), T0).
Zhang et al., "Radiolabeled cyclic arginine-glycine-aspartic (RGD)-conjugated iron oxide nanoparticles as single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) dual-modality agents for imaging of breast cancer," Journal of Nanoparticle Research, vol.
Figure 1 summarizes some of the fundamental chemical transformations used to prepare radiolabeled building blocks such as acetylene, cyanide, cyanamide and carbon dioxide, which are utilized in the synthesis of labeled versions of APIs.
The major concern for this isotope is its short half-life, 17 hours, which could be limiting with the maximum tumor uptake of radiolabeled antibodies.
Corstens, Radiolabeled Interleukin-8: Scintigraphic Detection of Infection within a Few Hours.
After 4 h of radiolabeled peptide administration, the mice were anesthetized with a solution of 80 mg/kg ketamine and 15 mg/kg xylazine, and then euthanized.
Patent 9,023,317 (May 5,2015), "Polymer Precursors of Radiolabeled Compounds, and Methods of Making and Using the Same," Duncan H.
In the light of new guidelines by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) (EMEA 2006; [36]), a formal site inspection for assessing the manufacturing and production of the radiolabeled agent was performed by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) which added to the timelines.
A radiolabeled primer (much like a PCR primer) is annealed down at one end of the sequence, and a DNA polymerase is then used to synthesize a new complementary strand to the target material.