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The clinical and radiological diagnosis showed that 92 out of 100 cases were peri-apical granulomas while 8 cases were diagnosed as radicular cysts.
Table-2: Age-wise comparison of radiological diagnosis of patients (n=100).
7%) is comparable to previous studies reporting an overall incidence of 3% to 7% and with most patients having an incidental radiological diagnosis.
Conclusion: Our study showed that histopathological diagnosis remains more definitive as compared to radiological diagnosis in the context of SOLs of brain.
The radiological diagnosis at this point was of a metastatic (and hence inoperable) pancreatic cancer.
When such lesions are detected, identification of their location and imaging characteristics may often allow a definitive radiological diagnosis to be made.
Khalifa Al Shayadi, president of Oman Association of Radiographers, said the importance of the radiological diagnosis on breast cancer and its role in the treatment plan cannot be underestimated.
Radiological diagnosis of fracture dislocation of elbow was made (Figure 3).
Over a 12-month period in 1990-91, we studied a group of 74 women who had been consecutively referred to the Bone Clinic at Newcastle General Hospital with a radiological diagnosis of vertebral osteoporosis.
This reference lab test is intended to be an adjunct to the clinical and radiological diagnosis of chronic sinusitis.

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