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When the ground around a house is frozen and covered with snow, it leads to a greater concentration of radon in a house because the radon is unable to escape through the ice, and takes the easier path through the soil under the home.
If test results reveal elevated levels of radon in your home, contact a radon professional to evaluate and fix the problem.
Previous interventions that increased participants' perceived risk to radon, however, failed to improve test kit orders across treatment levels and compared with controls (Weinstein et al.
The Environmental Protection Agency's Barbara Rafferty added: "No model - no matter how sophisticated - can substitute for having indoor radon levels tested.
The radon progenies are well-known for their contributory role in causing lung and gastrointestinal cancers (ICRP, 1994; UNSCEAR, 2000).
In spite of significant advancements, radon measurement techniques have not been widely applied in areas other than pollution controls, healthcare, geological engineering, and mining safety.
Radon can enter your home in the air from degassing soil and rock, or from the water supply (private well--ground water).
Indoor radon exposure is often considered as a problem that only concerns private homeowners.
Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from the decay of uranium in the ground.
shows that with the exception of 1995, 1996, and 2000, they do exhibit the same up-down trends in radon, with predicted indoor radon concentrations in high-activity counties offset upward by a fraction of a pCi/L long before the arrival of drilling in Pennsylvania.
Through a grant from the Ministry of Labour's new Occupational Health and Safety Prevention and Innovation Program, the institute plans to introduce an online course within six months to inform mine managers how they can reduce radon levels, that will educate workers about their rights to refuse unsafe work, and show what personal safety equipment they can use to reduce their exposure to radon.