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raffishness was out of favour, and morality--especially as that concerned the moral behavior of young ladies--was steadily gaining ground.
The resulting smallish book might be described, if one were given to verbal raffishness, as sinfully entertaining.
The company negotiated with the city to restore and renovate the 1928 former Washington Street vaudeville house, located in what was the heart of the Combat Zone, an area known for its sleaze, or raffishness, depending on one's tastes.
Hollywood recalls lower Manhattan in its entertainment orientation and Bohemian raffishness.
It is a part of old Chelsea, belonging more to the culture once contained within the squares and streets of what John Betjeman called 'Pont Street Dutch', that run north and south of the Square, than to King's Roads raffishness, Designed by Slater & Moberley (1935-37) in a manner reminiscent of Mendelsohn, the building is a Modern Movement treasure and is listed Grade [II.