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RAGA's first chairman, South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon, was an early critic of the tobacco litigation, though he eventually hopped on to the gravy train when it became clear how much money was available.
Por varias razones ni Raga ni Meneghin, considerado el mejor basquetbolisla italiano de la historia, pudieron ver concretado su sueno de jugar en la NBA.
"This sparked a lawsuit on the part of Raga, demanding that SCM pay them the full $760 for an asset that will likely be taken back into state ownership shortly," it said adding that Ukrainian authorities had initiated more than a year ago the renationalisation of the telecom company after Raga failed to adhere to the provisions of the privatisation agreement.
"They [aid workers] are currently safe and sound with our forces around Raga and will be handed over to the concerned third party as soon as possible," Lam said in a statement issued on Tuesday.
The White House and RAGA did not immediately respond to questions from MapLight.
* RAGA: The Republican Attorneys General Association's mission is electing Republicans to the Office of State Attorney General.
Other tracks run the gamut from pseudo-Southern India ragas, to Brazilian street bands, to guttural space monster incantations.
by Times News Service This year's repertoire will feature folk songs from around the world, including pieces from Kenya, Scotland, Brazil and an Indian raga.
A Sound Investment co-commission with organisations on both sides of the Atlantic, Param Vir's Raga Fields proved compelling and fascinating, in effect a concerto for sarod (it looks like an electric guitar, but sounds like nirvana - and I don't mean the rock band) and chamber ensemble.
India, March 30 -- What I presumed to be the morning 'raga' and the chanting of mantras of 'namo, namo' turned out to be mock swordfights, swishing in the air.....without any substance, meaning or melody!
He finally cut his hair after garnering his first AIR Radio performance, where he sang Raga Kaunsi Kanada (a combination of Malkauns and Darbari Kanada).