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Raga Boyz have transformed their traditional musical skills into today's modern tunes.
For example, it is the master's voice that tells the student that the Ga (Mi) in a particular raga must sound spent or exhausted (in Raga Darbari Kanada for instance), while the same note in another raga must be robust, energetic (as in Raga Malkauns).
In the case of three of the six main male ragas in the raga/ragini system, a slightly different form is used, "ko pano.
In fact, composing devotional and raga poems was a quite common practice among the Newar rulers of the late Malla period.
But Raga, assistant conductor of the choir that performed ``La Pasion Segun San Marco'' at the festival, had a different request.
Within the context of Sia Raga historiography the concept may be translated as describing a cosmological transformation or rupture that heralds the start of a new historical 'epoch'.
Raga and her colleagues detected occasional peaks in sulfur dioxide concentrations--at values roughly five to seven times the average--during the night when the mountain air held little human-generated pollution.
Raga is clearly indebted to the jati (mode-class) classification system for organizing melody, as outlined in early treatises like the Natya-sastra and Dattilam.
DAYTON, Ohio -- The DP&L Foundation today announced that Tom Raga has been appointed executive director of the organization.
Meanwhile, the Raga county commissioner in South Sudan's Western Bahr el Ghazal state, James Benjamin Marodoma lauded presidential Kiir"s decree, which saw Raga turned into the provincial capital of the newly created Lul state.
O3b Networks and Raga Sat have announced that the latter has gone live on the former's innovative 'Fiber in the Sky' satellite network.
New Delhi, June 13 ( ANI ): Bollywood actress and brand ambassador of Taj Mahal Tea, Madhuri Dixit unveiled its new raga with sitar maestro Niladri Kumar at a musical high tea held in New Delhi on Thursday evening.