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It did no damage, though he howled with a sudden increase of rage at my daring to strike back.
Korak's eyes went wide and then they closed to narrow slits of rage as he stood glaring down upon the abysmal brute at his feet.
Great was the excitement and hot was the rage of the men when they learned that the white devil had again entered their homes, frightened their women and stolen arrows and ornaments and food.
My rage was without bounds; I sprang on him, impelled by all the feelings which can arm one being against the existence of another.
Yet it is in your power to recompense me, and deliver them from an evil which it only remains for you to make so great, that not only you and your family, but thousands of others, shall be swallowed up in the whirlwinds of its rage.
With that he jumped up in a rage, seized his hatchet, and threw it at the sparrow; but it missed her, and only broke the window.
And Paul Ryan is clueless about his favorite band, Rage Against the Machine.
RAGE pertenece a la superfamilia de las inmunoglobulinas (4).
Which brings us to the case of Jacqueline Marcell, author of a frightening, humorous, highly entertaining, and ultimately moving memoir called Elder Rage.
A BEMUSED Scots driver got himself in a lather in an amazing car wash rage incident.