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NM: Fibre Channel RAID controllers are the heart of SANs, we term our RAID controllers when used in a SAN as SAN Storage Controllers (SSCs).
If the purpose of RAID is fault tolerance, certainly optical has greater benefits," O'Neil said.
Fibre Channel is slowly taking a larger share of the high-end market from SCSI, while less complex and less expensive host-based RAID systems are becoming increasingly attractive to low-end and mid-range users.
Therefore, for a workstation, a very appropriate architecture is to implement your RAID using the host CPU.
If one of the three drives is actually removed, a RAID controller recreates the missing data in realtime, based on the bits of data remaining on the other two drives.
A description of RAID 6 that may soon enjoy wide acceptance was launched in 1997 based on Reed-Solomon coding.
Original RAID specifications defined five levels of various disk array architecture protection schemes--RAID 1-5.
The shift from parallel technology to the emergence of new serial based architectures as new I/O standards for direct attached storage changes the traditional cost/benefit equation, and the addition of powerful, yet cost-effective RAID capabilities alters the landscape for low-cost server storage.