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Barrie O'Sullivan's Ryves Rock, one of the tightest railers here at Crayford, will be darting across from four and may cause problems.
A strong finisher, the early paced railer is headed for the Irish Oaks, in which her dam was second in 2008.
The strong-running railer almost went round second but was badly crowded on the first two turns and was again hampered down the far side.
Preparation "He hit the inside rail at Wimbledon in his first trial there because he is such a tight railer," says Ruth, "but he was brilliant in his second trial, while on Oaks final night he was sizzling to the bend when beating Boher Paddy.
The winner pinged the lids while Elaine Parker's railer missed it.
Ron Bicknell's black is the only railer in this pounds 500 A7 shoot-out and, being up against five wide seeds, could have the draw of the year.
01sec, finds himself as the sole railer and is up against five wide seeds.
Mannall also revealed how Daly's numerical strength with railers will be welcome, unlike at many other tracks.