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After the court attendant had uttered more unintelligible words, every one sat down; and the financier again moved hurriedly to the rail.
The three rushed me with the evident purpose of forcing me back the few steps that would carry my body over the rail into the void below.
A sufficient stay will be made here to give opportunity of visiting Ephesus, fifty miles distant by rail.
The former leaned across the rail, wishing for the hour that would bring him relief.
But why does Peter sit so long on the rail, why does he not tell his mother that he has come back?
Jerry had just remembered his grief and was starting a rush across the deck to the rail to gaze at Meringe growing smaller every second in the distance, when a gust of the South-east Trade smote the sails and pressed the Arangi down.
The blow smote the rail just for'ard of the fore-shrouds, splintering a gap through it as if it were no more than a cigar-box and cracking the covering board.
A nigger had come out of the cabin companion on the run for the rail and gone down in the middle of it.
But there was no eager rush to the rail preparatory to leaping.
Let those of high life, therefore, no longer despise the ignorance of their inferiors; nor the vulgar any longer rail at the vices of their betters.
Once, in a gust, the rail dipped under the sea, and the decks on that side were for the moment awash with water that made a couple of the hunters hastily lift their feet.
He held on to the rail with one hand and turned towards her.