raise objections

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But what could they have done even if they had been prepared to raise objections.
Meanwhile, an application by the same company to build up to 262 homes on land off Plough Hill Road, Galley Common, has been re-submitted following moves to address concerns over highway safety, although it's believed residents who campaigned successfully against the original scheme last summer will again raise objections to the revised plans.
Existing suppliers have always been able to raise objections against an application to switch away from them and customers and their brokers have had five days to resolve the issue.
But of course, we will always have people who stick their heads in the sand and wish to raise objections.
Mukhopadhaya set aside the acquisition after noting that the land was acquired in violation of various provisions of the law, including the right of land owners to raise objections on various grounds.
On the objections raised by some investors against the new law, the minister said: "They have the right to raise objections and file them in the Court of Grievances or Shariah Courts to protect their interests.
Anwar Mansoor Khan President SHCB who appeared on behalf of the two judges of SHC said therefore the committee would raise objections over the wearing of clothes.
The US State Department said Israel, traditionally wary of arms deals involving Arab states, was not expected to raise objections.
It's difficult to stand here and raise objections but we are fighting for our survival.
Post Office bosses plan to close and reduce services at 96 offices in Northern Ireland with a six-week public consultation period for local people to raise objections.
Severe congestion on the road ( which operates at 67% beyond its capacity at peak times ( has led the Highways Agency to raise objections to a series of developments which could increase traffic.
Still, there are those who are suspicious of political motivations, and who raise objections to global warming's threat.