raise objections

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In such a case, a plain and open avowal of his difficulties would have been more to his honour I think, as well as more consistent with his general character;--but I will not raise objections against any one's conduct on so illiberal a foundation, as a difference in judgment from myself, or a deviation from what I may think right and consistent."
But what could they have done even if they had been prepared to raise objections. The person in the frock-coat had the father's note; he had shown it to Fyne.
Imran Khan's counsel Babar Awan said that only voter of the relevant constituency could raise objections on a candidate.
And with no-one at the meeting to raise objections councillors approved the plan 10 votes against two.
WHEN Freddy Shepherd purchased the La Sagesse site, he must have known the local residents would raise objections to any change or use, irrespective of how good it was.
On the objections raised by some investors against the new law, the minister said: "They have the right to raise objections and file them in the Court of Grievances or Shariah Courts to protect their interests." Fakeih said the ministry set out the new recruitment law on the basis of its executive powers.
On 23 July 2003, the Commission decided not to raise objections to the capital increase plan, notified by Belgium on 3 December 2002, finding that the capital increase did not in itself constitute state aid.
SkyTeam members except for Aeroflot yesterday received a Statement of Objections from the European Commission that the alliance said is a "normal step in a Commission competition investigation." The EC has been reviewing the alliance since its 2000 launch and said yesterday that it "does not raise objections to the alliance as a whole but has concerns about a limited number of routes" on which SkyTeam cooperation "may have a negative effect on competition." It did not identify the routes in question, but said the "more problematic" ones include transatlantic and intra-EU routes and those between the EU and other countries.