raise spirits

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The championship is a good idea and will raise spirits.
Staff from Home Instead Senior Care got involved in a trio of activities designed to raise spirits and money.
The children would dance, sing, and act to raise spirits and money.
A BEER festival will raise spirits and cash for the community and beyond.
Weather throughout the day did much to raise spirits of the enthusiastic festival-goers; it was Shepherd's Delight by evening, promising much of the same for today's music fans.
We can't expect any Churchillian prose from the boardroom to raise spirits, unless new figures suggest prawn cocktail crisps sales in the paddock bars are up 23%, of course, then excitement reaches fever pitch in Ball Bearing Central Command.
At first the locals are enraged and appalled, but her confections soon raise spirits in the community, especially among the wives.
As Joan (above) waits for news from her fiance, Jaco calls her to an illicit meeting, sparking a series of events which draw her into danger, and Flora decides the volunteers should put on some entertainment to raise spirits - but as the pressure mounts, so do her nerves.
And Doolan reckons the training ground is the perfect place to raise spirits.
The letter said: "All of their (the children's) presents had been stolen so they tried to raise spirits and help restore Christmas.
The coach revealed that positive reinforcement is a method he deploys to raise spirits of his players and stated a manager must always be clear in his approach.
Summary: Asian markets came under pressure on Friday as a successful bond auction in Spain failed to raise spirits while weak US economic data also added to the general sense of pessimism.