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STANDARD, in war. An ensign or flag used in war.

STANDARD, measure. A weight or measure of certain dimensions, to which all other weights and measures must correspond; as, a standard bushel. Also the quality of certain metals, to which all others of the same kind ought to be made to conform; as, standard gold, standard silver. Vide Dollar; Eagle; Money.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"However, these results show that the Government needs a clear plan to raise standards in all schools in England.
It said: "Senior leaders are making concerted efforts to put in place initiatives to raise standards and improve students' achievement."
This would offer a real incentive for staff to join what is traditionally a rather poorly paid sector, could meet individual and group learning objectives, would harmonise working practices and raise standards, develop IT skills, save time and maximise the training spend.
Regulators want to raise standards of airline security and increase uniformity of the rules among member states.
Always thinking outside the box and never settling for less, Corcoran is credited with helping raise standards for all real estate companies.
A survey of 5,000 workers by mobile phone giant T-Mobile showed that almost half wanted their firm to introduce guidelines in a bid to raise standards and improve manners.
It was funded by Domex, an organization committed to developing the use of the Internet and other digital resources in order to raise standards in education.
The Population Division points out that while the world population increased four times in the twentieth century--from 1.6 billion persons to 6.1 billion--world real gross domestic output increased twenty to forty times, so that the world could not only sustain a fourfold population increase but raise standards of living substantially.
NEW IDEA: Entrants must show they have brought new ideas and approaches to teaching and learning to raise standards. Prize: trophy plus pounds 1000 of vouchers.
"We are trying to raise standards and get better outcomes for the children and we noticed a lot of the parents are turning up to school, as well as meetings and assemblies, wearing pyjamas, if we're to raise standards it's not too much to ask parents to wash and get dressed," she said.