raise taxes

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Pitt's celebrated sinking-fund = Sir William Pitt "the younger"(1759-1806), when he became Prime Minister in 1784, sought to raise taxes in order to pay off the British national debt}
Governor Scott said, While we are fighting to cut taxes and make it harder for politicians to raise taxes in Florida, Louisiana is doing the exact opposite.
The Deputy Prime Minister said Liberal Democrats would raise taxes to help fill the black hole in public finances while the Conservatives would try to balance the books by "beating up on the poor".
PLANS to raise taxes on tobacco will "play into the hands of criminal gangs", a smokers group has claimed.
ISLAMABAD -- The World Health Organization on its No Tobacco Day-observed since 1989 and celebrated internationally on May 31 - urges governments around the world to raise taxes on tobacco products, hailing the method as the `most cost-effective' way of tobacco control.
Then, to keep from blowing a hole in the deficit, they'd have to raise taxes on middle-class families with kids.
Lawmakers in Washington are trying to get used to the idea that they can raise taxes with a simple majority vote.
The two parties could not reach agreement on Obama's plan to raise taxes to reduce the USA's $16.
By a vote of 257 to 167, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives approved a bill that fulfills President Barack Obama's re-election promise to raise taxes on top earners.
Summary: WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama put the blame squarely on Republicans for the failure so far to agree a deal to avert the fiscal cliff crisis, saying they can't bear to raise taxes on the rich.
According to the poll, Republicans, however, do not think that it will be best option to avoid fiscal cliff, with only 39 percent agreeing to raise taxes on wealthy, ABC News reports.
Only today we learn of powers authorising the Welsh Government to borrow money for capital investment, providing we agree to raise taxes, and the Silk report recommends it.