raise troops

See: recruit
References in classic literature ?
A GREAT and INDEPENDENT fund of revenue is passing into the hands of a SINGLE BODY of men, who can RAISE TROOPS to an INDEFINITE NUMBER, and appropriate money to their support for an INDEFINITE PERIOD OF TIME.
drawdown schedule first reported by Reuters in November, said the additional forces were needed because delays in signing security pacts had impacted plans to raise troops from other countries.
Needed to raise troops but was finding it hard to cope with his own game.
But when the Earl of Mar tried to raise troops in Scotland for the Jacobite cause, his own troops were so reluctant that he had to threaten to torch their houses to get them to comply.
Ruthless, bloodthirsty, and tyrannical, Ala-ud-din was a very able general and a stern administrator, squeezing the people for all he could get and using the proceeds to raise troops and consolidate Muslim rule in northern India.