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uk @grecian9 VILLAGERS have raised road safety fears about mud on a road following a two-car crash.
Proposed to replace causeway with multi-cell box culverts on a raised road level.
The reconstruction work is being carried out in such a way that it has raised road level far higher than that of houses.
The crossing was far from constructed to legal standards lacking the flashing beacon lights, zig zag markings on the approach and zebra crossings are not placed on raised road bumps anyway.
At the Lao People's Democratic Republic, a surge in the number of motor vehicles ushered by prosperity in the capital raised road fatality rates in the absence of traffic safety education, strict driver licensing requirements and emergency response services.
He also raised road safety concerns claiming the access to the site has not been covered in the transport statement which is part of the plans.
Now the Modular Raised Road design has landed the University of Sunderland student first prize in the undergraduate category of the Environment Agency Flash Flooding Challenge which included a PS500 cash prize.
Over the past 50-plus years, the Addition Lands have included farming, ranching, oil exploration, existing systems of raised road grades, ORV trails and more.
In one so e area, elephants were cut off from moving to more fertile areas by a raised road - so a tunnel was built beneath it and they streamed through in droves.
Pedestrians and drivers travelling down Blackwood High Street have to cope with railings and bollards flanking the road, speed bumps, raised road surfaces and, in some places, double the number of lamp posts, because new posts have been put in next to old ones that have not been taken away.
Soldiers crouched behind a raised road divider in one area and fired rubber bullets, live ammunition and tear gas shells.
She said a flat-top raised road hump had been built as a compromise measure in early 2002 following extensive consultation with residents and traders and since then there had been no pedestrian injury accidents in the area.