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voice coming up again) to set a better example than one of rakish habits, wrappers were put in requisition, and the two young cavaliers volunteered to see the ladies home.
They all assumed to be mighty rakish and knowing, they were not very tidy in their private dresses, they were not at all orderly in their domestic arrangements, and the combined literature of the whole company would have produced but a poor letter on any subject.
There was a rakish, vagabond smartness, and a kind of boastful rascality, about the whole man, that was worth a mine of gold.
This gave him a rakish eccentric air which, now that he had leisure to observe it, charmed Mr Swiveller exceedingly; therefore, by way of propitiation, he expressed his hope that the gentleman was going to get up, and further that he would never do so any more.
Both sides had chances after the break, the best falling to Hartlepool's Rakish Bingham and Scott Fenwick, who both headed wide from close range.
Rakish Bingham and Scott Fenwick both squandered chances for the visitors late on.
It has a high front end with an aggressive bumper and narrow headlights, a long bonnet, rakish A-pillars and round tail lamps.
While Rakish Bingham, Rhys Oates and Nicky Featherstone scored, misses by Scott Harrison and Scott Fenwick proved decisive.
Gone is the weirdly modern yet somewhat bland face and in comes revised headlight units with integrated daytime running lights and a more rakish front bumper assembly.
Sullay KaiKai's first-half double put Cambridge in control and Tom Elliott made it 3-1 after Rakish Bingham reduced the deficit.
The tale, a mock version of ''Romeo and Juliet,'' concerns a young girl and boy, secretly brought together by their fathers and an assortment of odd characters, including a rakish narrator, an old actor, an Indian named Mortimer and a mute.
Gone is the somewhat bland face and in come revised headlight units with integrated daytime running lights and a more rakish bumper assembly.