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According to (https://hothardware.com/news/audi-teases-q4-e-tron-ev-tesla-model-y) HotHardware , the new Audi Rakish Q4 E-Tron is a mid-size crossover electric vehicle that'll be the beginning of Volkswagen's venture into the electric car industry.
game changer Rakish Bingham's goal turned the match on its head and what had been a stroll for Hearts became a battle that they only just scraped through.
While Rakish Bingham, Rhys Oates and Nicky Featherstone scored, misses by Scott Harrison and Scott Fenwick proved decisive.
JOHNNY DEPP'S latest comedy caper has him donning a rakish moustache and adopting a plummy accent to play roguish British aristocrat and dodgy art dealer Charlie Mortdecai.
ALAN CARR: CHATTY MAN C4 10pm We doubt there'll be too many awkward silences as chatterbox host Alan meets rakish rent-a-gob Russell Brand, who's plugging his latest literary venture, Revolution.
Stritch made her name not only with her great, idiosyncratic style, but as a monster; her unbridled rage as much a part of her persona as her rakish hats and perpetual pantlessness (after all, the legs are the last to go).
She believes that her desire to find a proper, respectable husband immunizes her against Westruther's rakish charms ...
Tipped with rakish orange The stamens stood like green wires Above a
The i40 heralds the next phase of Hyundai's brand and product evolution in Europe and will continue a fluid design language that features a hexagonal front grille and rakish lines.
Cutting a rakish figure as he saunters around Tinseltown premieres like a cut-price Keith Richards, Russell is playing the eccentric Brit abroad card to perfection.
The actor, who plays rakish Puck on the Fox series, said that he doesn't fall easily for other stars but he met Kardashian for a very short time and found her a lovely woman.
Media speculation suggests that the rakish coup will see a rebirth of the Supra name, Toyota's last rear-wheel-drive coupe.