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Her hat was pushed rakishly on to the side of her head, there was a suggestion of missing hair-pins about her hair; she wafted with her about the room a fine odour of tobacco and gunpowder; she had burned her dress with a fuse head that had fallen off; her boots were large and unlaced, and curiously dirty, and her hands were black with smoke and oil, and had a sort of trimming in the way of small feathers and little patches of blood.
Moving about the flat, ordering the few objects he could find to order and adjust--a skewed Venetian blind, a copper pan sitting rakishly on the burner, an imperceptibly tilted painting, his crumpled socks, thrown aside hastily at night--he took satisfaction in the space around him.
Rakishly designed, the Saeqeh or Thunderbolt sports a flared double-tail, just like the Russian MiG-25 and the American F-22.
Freshly-ironed shirt and trousers, patent leather shoes, a rakishly angled hat, and a bulging briefcase under his arm.
Gazing back at me was not the slim, rakishly handsome 25-year-old farmer I expected to see.
Given this current release, with its sexy and suggestive cover showing the singer in a slightly dishevelled white shirt, top buttons undone, tie loosened and jacket flung rakishly over his shoulder, one can understand why.
Although it's a far cry from a uniformed rally, the student body is not staggeringly diverse: very few of the ache-mottled, pubertally gangly student-government types you might expect at this sort of thing; several women presenting what are surely not coincidental echoes of the Ann Coulter look--sideswept blond tresses and rigorously diet-whittled frames; a small population of square-built fraternity men; and two groovy lunkers in the California style, with carefully shaggy hair, rakishly slouching postures, distressed cargo shorts.
Bell -- rakishly decked out in all black, with an untucked shirt and a very open collar -- offered a performance notably lean, nuanced and vibrant.
Lysander's rakishly preppy yacht-club fashion differentiated him clearly from the pinstriped business-suited conservatism of Demetrius and Egeus.
But there he was in McKenzie's show, fleshed out with eerie naturalism in a group of colored-pencil portraits that depict him posing rakishly in plus fours and trench coat.
A handsome, mustached, fine-featured man looks at us from beneath a rakishly tilted white summer hat.
Richards has shoulder-length hair, a cowboy hat, and a rakishly angled cigar.