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Thus, in the works exhibited, male figures are posed rakishly (Bazille's 1867 portrait of Renoir), pridefully (Fantin-Latour's 1867 portrait of Manet), nonchalantly, sitting, standing, aware, and unaware of being seen.
When Mackay thrusts that powerful arm into the air, a magic force is being summoned out of the universe, and it is enough to make a domestic Christmas tree transform, to cause a house to disappear and to usher in terror in the form of a kingly rat with a diamond crown worn rakishly over one ear (Yasuo Atsuji).
The old, somewhat utilitarian appearance is a distant memory, replaced by a sleek and sporty profile that is emphasised by a lower stance and rakishly sloped, expansive windscreen.
A bartender prowls about the stage, pulling rakishly at his suspenders.
Pictures by DAVID RAWCLIFFE QPR 1 Everton 1 DAYS like that balmy afternoon in August when Everton rakishly dismantled Aston Villa with a vintage display of free-flowing football in the Midlands have got a lot to answer for.
It wasn't so much that this final was so tedious that it might have been renamed the 'men's over 100kg lumbering brutes pulling each other's pyjamas for five minutes', more that it was replayed, and replayed, and replayed, over a backdrop of one of those rakishly silver-haired and bespectacled French intellectual types frantically trying to come up with new things to say about not very much, while our two-wheeled Titans were apparently covering themselves in glory.
Snapping fingers are omnipresent, so are rakishly tilted bowler hats.
With a turret to one end and a rakishly angled slate roof, the chapel offers entrances to both sides as well as a separately entranced store room.
Rakishly charming Guy (Nigel Havers) is invited to say his final goodbyes to a semi-conscious Toby, and in the emotion of it all, expresses his re-awakened feelings for ex-wife Miranda (Christine Kavanagh).
Gone is the butch-like shape of the original compact SUV and, to borrow a line from legendary Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen, this rakishly sleek newcomer has turned into a "very fine swan, indeed".
Moving about the flat, ordering the few objects he could find to order and adjust--a skewed Venetian blind, a copper pan sitting rakishly on the burner, an imperceptibly tilted painting, his crumpled socks, thrown aside hastily at night--he took satisfaction in the space around him.