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He stood trying to rally his faltering intellect so that he might rec- ollect the moment when he had loaded, but he could not.
Go,' said he; `the enemy will not rally for fifteen days and until that time I have no need of your service.
This checked the horses until Antonio had time to rally them, and, by using the whip with energy, bring them into the road again.
And now the Trojans would have been routed and driven back into Ilius, had not Priam's son Helenus, wisest of augurs, said to Hector and Aeneas, "Hector and Aeneas, you two are the mainstays of the Trojans and Lycians, for you are foremost at all times, alike in fight and counsel; hold your ground here, and go about among the host to rally them in front of the gates, or they will fling themselves into the arms of their wives, to the great joy of our foes.
Having done so, I thought it best to leave Toby undisturbed until he should have had time to rally his faculties.
When they see me, when they behold the banner of France, they will rally round me, for they will comprehend that I have your support.
They had been in the employ of the Northwest Company, and might be disposed to rally again under that association, should events threaten the prosperity of this embryo establishment of Mr.
You simply misunderstood him," said the marquis, beginning to rally.
Martin would insist upon an agricultural course, but she would use all her tact and rally all her powers that Billy might be given the opportunity to fit himself for some congenial occupation.
You are so young and inexperienced, you have lived among such nice people, that you cannot realize what men can be--how they can take a brutal pleasure in insulting a woman whom her sex does not protect and rally round.
There were certain things that had to be done, and if done at all, done handsomely and thoroughly; and one of these, in the old New York code, was the tribal rally around a kinswoman about to be eliminated from the tribe.
according to the bill in the window) that his friends will rally round him and support first-rate talent.