rally around

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She promised to rally around him, when he should become surintendant, all the old nobility of the kingdom, and questioned him as to the preponderance it would be proper to allow La Valliere.
There were certain things that had to be done, and if done at all, done handsomely and thoroughly; and one of these, in the old New York code, was the tribal rally around a kinswoman about to be eliminated from the tribe.
equities are smartly higher lifted by the surge in China exports/loans that spilled over to reignite the rally around the globe.
She believes that the success of President Weah will yield massive dividends in the lives of every Liberian particularly the ordinary people if citizens rally around the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in promoting the government.
A FLEET of classic cars will form a rally around Nuneaton before joining other vintage motors on display in Nuneaton town centre.
A jeepney drivers and operators organization in Kalinga province staged a protest rally around Tabuk City on Tuesday (July 17) against the government's transport modernization program, believing it would lead to the phase-out of public jeepneys.
SDLP Foyle MLA Mark H Durkan told the Mirror at the weekend: "I know Mr Kelly's family and I have no doubt that the local community will rally around them and offer any support they can in the days and weeks ahead."
Download Derian: To rally around the Lebanese Army NNA - Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul-Latif Derian, on Saturday, voiced support to the Lebanese Army in its offensive battle against Daesh in the outskirts of Ras Baalbek and Qaa towns.
He called it a failed attempt to rally around Lala Musa, Gujrat and Lahore.
But for now we must rally around and roar them on to success.
Summary: Health Minister Wael Abu Faour called Sunday on the Druze community in Syria to reconcile with their countrymen in the Deraa province and rally around MP Walid Jumblatt.
It's important for the rest of the squad to rally around players and make sure they still feel an important part of the set-up.