rally round

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Irish community leaders said they would rally round to help restore the Dubliner to its former glory.
IRISH community leaders today said they would rally round to help restore the fire-wrecked Dubliner pub to its former glory.
They should stop complaining and rally round in support.
Welsh Del Boy fans are staging a 450-mile car rally round Wales in a fleet of Reliant Robins.
It's a hooligan, and owners need to rally round to defeat it.
After 9/11 Hollywood can only see warriors and cowards, and the citizen or soldier who fails to rally round the flag is no warrior.
As average Angelenos and their fellow Americans rally round the flag and reflect on the debt of gratitude owed the country's veterans, city leaders turn up their noses.
His daughters rally round, but he finds companionship in a stray white dog.
In my mind's eye, it was always straight people I was writing the book for--all the good people who, I was sure, if they just knew the truth, would (a) be astounded and (b) rally round to right the wrongs and change the world.
Balletomanes rally round to sniff out the next star, and heads of important companies attend to see what kind of talent is for sale.
And we'll rally round again, remembering the hospice, which receives no Government funding, when we're zip-sliding from the Transporter Bridge, holding coffee mornings and race nights and all the other things our generous folk do to raise money for charity.
Team Blue was leading after the Muscat rally round with a fourth overall and first position among the OYRC teams, now face stiff competition from Team Green, who have come in fourth overall and first position in the Sohar round.