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"We're so excited with the interest and momentum that the Ramble Tag has gained since we've started telling people about it."
A Ramble brochure and map is available, enabling visitors to select the locations that are of greatest interest and plan their route for the weekend ahead of time.
One of the organizers, Sean Scanlan, says of the festival, 'it's not a concert in the official sense of the word, but a 'ramble' which is a loose group of friends coming together to play music.
Ready to ramble Maureen Manson from Lockerbie and Jo Patterson from Hightae starting out on their ramble
"Tom explained the concept behind the Ramble Tag, which we thought was an excellent idea, and we quickly took the decision to trial it.
They are urging the public to hold their own sponsored rambles to raise money to help support disadvantaged children and young people.
Since the first Countryfile Ramble in 2015, the programme has raised PS2.3million for BBC Children in Need.
The ABF The Soldiers' Charity 10km Run, 10km Walk and 5km Ramble
| Support team for the Rescue Ramble at the Marsden |headquarters of the Holme Valley Mountain Rescue, from left, back, Andrew Lister, Andrea Lyons, Christine Norcliffe, Matthew
speaks--we're Ramble bound: There's nothing to discuss till we