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Our man was not slow to take the hint, So at the appropriate time with his watch in sync, He pressed the fire button and I must say, Rambling talk ended in a speedy way.
Just down the road, our local inn Is where our rambling day'll begin.
READER and former Evening Gazette journalist Beranice Semp has been looking at the history of the Middlesbrough and District Rambling Club, which is celebrating 100 years of walking.
THE development of allability rambling trails in recent years has made it easier for wheelchair users to venture into the open countryside.
Reading his rambling answers in yesterday's paper only added to my disquiet about the way the BHA has handled the changes to the whip rules.
A SLURRED and rambling Michael Jackson spoke of his dream of building a kids' hospital in a conversation weeks before his death.
When we started with the health walks the slogan was 'Fit, Fabulous and Over Fifty', so we continued that theme with the rambling group but we don't mind if you are younger or older than 50, and we also have people in their 80s.
As part of an Assembly Government campaign to improve health and cut down on the country's emissions, the Vale of Glamorgan's Climate Change Champion has teamed up with her local rambling group to urge residents to make a point of walking.
1 : to go aimlessly from place to place : wander <She spent a year rambling around the country.
Just three months into their relationship, they bought "eighteen acres of rambling bush, a creek, a rainforest, a dilapidated cottage, a driveway, rusted old water talks, power poles and a magical rambling garden alive with flowers and birds.
Particularly great are the rambling monologues by Watt as he drives around town in his van, showing us the locales that play directly into the story of the band.
To name a few," Koch says, "There is the massive, right-around 10 percent alcohol by volume, the ferocious malt and hop interplay, and the rambling text on the back of the bottle which there is little reason to attempt to read.