rambling talk

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His voice became soft and reminiscent, and with a sigh of contentment he launched into a long rambling talk, speaking as one lost in a dream.
After a little rambling talk, the lawyer led up to the subject which so disagreeably preoccupied his mind.
The disc's single special feature is a rambling talk by one of the opera's stage directors, Sergio Morabito, set in a gallery with the composer patiendy listening and occasionally trying to get a word in.
Our man was not slow to take the hint, So at the appropriate time with his watch in sync, He pressed the fire button and I must say, Rambling talk ended in a speedy way.
During one particularly long rambling talk by film producer Eric Fellner, the X-Factor judge yelled: 'Get on with it!' Star of the show Renee Zellweger was all smiles at the premiere - but she was shadowed by a huge bouncer who stopped any minions disturbing her and her friends.
Sometimes, when he managed the Nats, we had rambling talks. He despised the PED cheaters who passed him and his friends in the record books, especially Hank Aaron who'd had death threats while chasing Babe Ruth's homer record.
In a note to its publication in The United Irishman supplement, Yeats commented: "Where There is Nothing is founded upon a subject which I suggested to George Moore when there seemed to be a sudden need of a play for the Irish Literary Theatre; we talked of collaboration, but this did not go beyond some rambling talks. Then the need went past, and I gradually put so much of myself into the fable that I felt I must write on it alone, and took it back into my own hands with his consent."
His pious comment was that "there is no alternative to dialogue, and that all problems in Libya can be solved through dialogue." This is very unlikely to happen and the rambling talks which started in Ghadames still have not incorporated armed factions from Misrata or a rival militia allied to the western city of Zintan, while other clashes are happening all over the country.