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The ramified [micro] and E\F are similarly handled.
Actually, every settlement was a fortified area with a well thought out fire system, concrete structures, a ramified system of artificial obstacles and underground communications," he emphasized.
Finance ministry has been ramified into three separate ministries, as two other ministries of privatization and statistics have been set up in addition to the finance ministry.
Investigations won't end soon; things have ramified," he said.
It then follows that not only is l totally ramified in the compositum k[B.
After a move to Golcar in the Colne valley the family ramified in a spectacular fashion: 1377 Thomas del Hagh, Quarmby; 1451 John Haghe, Golcar; 1545 James Haight, Quarmby; 1601 John Haighe, Huddersfield.
The party's ramified organization, with virtually endless permutations of salary, staff, and status rankings at the regional level, led officials to experience lateral moves as upward mobility.
11) distally fringed by ramified yellowish setae; 5 setae on each side of clypeus; 1 row with 5 setae (1 distinctly longer) near border of darker area, 1 short seta more laterally; each half with 11 setae (3 grouped below clypeus) and 1 on each side, near middle of narrower area.
In doing so, Shinohara reveals the slow history of increasing complexity and systematization of this tradition over time, what he calls its "evolution," from simple techniques of spell recitation into the highly ramified ritual programs of East Asian Esoteric Buddhism, exemplified by the texts of two of its greatest practitioners, theorists, and ritual composers, Yixing (683-727) and Amoghavajra (705-774).
The ascending palatine artery was ramified to branches extending to the mandibular gland and medial retropharyngeal lymph node which were contributed to supplying of the ganglion just after the initiation (Fig.
If they were able to do this, our route was more impressive and it had more world-changing impacts that did not only involve the Philippines but ramified into other countries, that multiplied in terms of culture and civilizations and all of these, said Zerrudo, quoting the Mexicans.
Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper said that as a result of the complex modernization and diversification of the industry infrastructure, using of the advanced equipment, ramified system of communication, television and radio communications, digital broadcasting operate in the country.