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The early chapters (1-3) are devoted to elaborating these claims and to demonstrating that two theses widely attributed to the early Russell are false: i) that in Principia (co-authored with Whitehead), Russell advanced a ramified type-theory of entities, and ii) that Russell's logical atomism is a form of reductive empiricism.
Indeed, as stated previously, in apple pectin, 22% of the rhamnose is in the linear form, and 78% is in the ramified fraction (RENARD et al.
ZVONKINE, An algebra ofpower series arising in the intersection theory of the moduli spaces of curves ans in the enumeration of ramified coverings of the sphere, arxiv:math.
Its formulation as a linear, structurally sound schematic process, is a general presentation modality used in research and design, but its execution as a specific and determining activity means a ramified structure in which the relations may be not only directly-progressive but also reactive, through coming
Focusing on Ballston Spa and Saratoga Springs, he explores how the development of leisure facilities and a tourist mentality ramified throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond to make a significant impact on American culture.
When the electric current shows the pulse-like wave, the ramified electric discharge spark from the apex of cone is observed at the point of A and B (see Fig.
In our opinion, the main factors that make Ostrov appealing and which should drive its revenue growth within the X5 structure are a ramified network of stores with an established client base, advantageous location and its focus on the medium price segment, which is a fairly pressing issue nowadays.
The Bank has the most ramified branch network in Russia: 17 Regional Head Offices, over 20 thousand branches and banking outlets, as well as subsidiaries in Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
The message which the Jordanian delegation made sure to convey to the US President is that the Arabs perfectly understand the language of responsibility in partnership and that they are ready to play their roles in many places within the standards of shared interests and ramified partnership.
From a certain angle, real pages ramified into phantasmic reflections, like a hologram partly spoiled by the lighting.
Mandelbrot's (1983) formulation of fractal geometry meant that scientists could measure not just triangles, rectangles and circles (Euclidean geometry) but unusual shapes they had previously called: grainy, hydralike, in between, pimply, pocky, ramified, seaweedy, strange, tangled, tortuous, wiggly, wispy, wrinkled and the like.
She opened her own business, a shop in the ramified labyrinth of the all-men bazaar.