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We do this for a good reason: keeping ramifies in their homes has a tremendous impact on the quality of their lives and at the same time helps to stabilize neighborhoods.
It aims to help patients and ramifies understand their health issues, identify and reflect on their values and goats, and use these to determine what constitutes the right care, at the right time, and in the right location for them.
The Conference of Mexican Bishops recently endorsed this stance, insisting that the fight against AIDS had to concentrate on education in "the use of sexuality and the reaffirmation of the role of marriage and the family" without mentioning poverty, migration or lack of employment as factors in the breakup of so many traditional Mexican ramifies.
Yet somehow the picture ramifies endlessly, Still unpopulated, iterative as grass, or time neutered Of the human in a row of wind-worn stones.
Dear Room is successor to Billy's Rain (1999), whose preoccupations and occasions it continues and ramifies, charting the angles, ignals, orders, murmurs, sighs of love, separation and loss.
This is a laudable and ambitious discussion in which the historical context of the original messianic gesture remains the most useful of explanatory keys, even while the community associated with the name of Nurbakhsh ramifies in a variety of ways.