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BEIRUT: Summer is a multifaceted thing, of course, and its visual representations ramify as they resonate through the imaginations of artists.
Keeping women engaged in science and engineering careers is important, and the National Science Foundation has launched an initiative providing a clear set of family-friendly policies and practices with the objective of making it easier to balance career and ramify demands.
And I do think that some of the generalities (are because) a broad range of men affected by the 18th century Enlightenment saw a principle and they used general language to embody that principle and had no idea of all the different ways it might ramify in the future.
'Ramage' is from the French word 'rameau' and echoed in the English word 'ramify'.
As the villi ramify, they become thinner and the vessels located inside them change their diameter and composition of the wall.
"Affecting something at the top [of the food web] is going to have huge consequences as effects ramify through the system," says study collaborator Charles H.