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Despite ramifying perspectives from history and anthropology, the research has tended to envisage routes comprising only two or three stages: the original source of a given product or motif, the findspot; and perhaps some 'civilised' station along the way.
In its stead, he conceived a work in six "branches," a vast and constantly ramifying undertaking intended to engage lived event and memory, nothing less, and governed by layers of writing rules that are sometimes explicit, sometimes (I only imagine) far more covert.
Meanwhile, let's enjoy the ride as we breeze past the hundred-year mark, in the ramifying legend of this vexatious, fascinating American author.
Managing cooperative relationships like those between Canada and the United States is complex, because cooperation creates ramifying connections and relationships that demand ever more elaborate governance.
In Part 1, Read lays out the theoretical foundations of the work, which include many interesting contributions to the debate, the most central and widely ramifying being the distinction between what he calls 'grammatical effects' and 'meaningful consequences'.
We can say, then, that Shohat is working with a very strong sense of how not only theory, but also cultural representations, narratives, and discourses more generally "travel," are received, and have ramifying effects in new spatial and temporal locations.
The twenty-three essays that comprise the volume represent some of Shippey's finest work, broken down into four sections, each reinforcing the central metaphor of the ramifying Tree so dear to Tolkien: "The Roots: Tolkien and his Predecessors," "Heartwood: Tolkien and Scholarship," "The Trunk: The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion," and "Twigs and Branches: Minor Works by Tolkien.
8,10) Histologically, tumors contain a proliferation of ramifying and anastomosing vascular channels that "dissect" through surrounding structures.
Deep planted and long gone, my coeval Chesnut from a jam jar in a hole, Its heft and hush become a bright nowhere, A soul ramifying and forever Silent, beyond silence listened for.