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It reduces the amount of field fabrication significantly and ensures the most efficient transfer of power from the pipe rammer to the casing.
Lopez comments: "Despite the shrinking market due to oil prices drop, Rammer has been making good sales due to its product reliability and peace of mind for customers.
Rammer demonstrates, and then I put the wood in my pocket and take it home.
And neither do the Baby Dragoons, which did not feature a rammer (balls had to be seated by pushing them into the chamber with the frame-mounted cylinder pin).
Also on display was a Rammer D425 pedestal-mounted breaker boom equipped with a 777 hammer.
It is well known that a good acquisition takes place when one of the parties is pressured," Rammer explained.
The BS-2i series Rammers are powered with the WM 80 air-cooled, two-cycle, single-cylinder gasoline engine rated 2.
Fill between them with sub-base and compact it with an earth rammer.
Rammer (physics, Umea University, Sweden) offers an account of recent achievements in the understanding of disordered conductors.
BTI severe-duty breakers appeal to demolition contractors, according to the company, while Allied Construction Products distributes Rammer brand models such as the in-Series, designed to operate in narrow work areas.
Soil is taken from the ground and poured into formwork, similar to modern concrete, then compacted using a hand rammer to form a solid mass.