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The Red Bull Signature Series is a collection of the most progressive action sports events in the world, featuring some of Red Bull's top properties including Frozen Rush, Double Pipe, Joyride, Rampage and Straight Rhythm.
Rampage has been talking about his knowledge of Jack McGann having known him since he was a "snotty nosed kid".
Rampage Brown - real name Oliver Biney - has spent the past decade wrestling across Europe and North America, and briefly working for World Wrestling Entertainment in its developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling, from 2010 to 2011.
It emerged yesterday that the killer was spoken to by police on the doorstep of his flat three weeks before the rampage.
Rodger, 22, carried out a deadly gun and knife rampage near Santa Barbara, California, after emailing a chilling manifesto outlining his intentions to his parents and therapist.
In 2005 Rampage launched a solo career with releasing a mixtape in the same year following an LP.
The 33-year-old right wing extremist, who attacked a government building in Oslo and went on a shooting rampage on Utoeya island, claims that his actions were "necessary" to stop immigration.
Mr Browne added: "He's never RAMPAGE J said anything antagonistic about Muslims.
Variety is a style of entertainment often said to be out of date, but Scousers on the Rampage promises to dispel this myth," said director Sylvie Gatrill.
The court was told the failed relationship with ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart was the "catalyst" for his murderous rampage.
Experts blamed human settlements encroaching into the elephants' natural habitat for the rampage.
Rampage often struggles for motivation and in Hamill he faces a superb wrestler who has the skills to nullify his power and make him look bad.