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This quartet bestow the trademarks of a young Motley Crue, although their singer, the Somerset-born rampager Tommy, has a strikingly similar voice to the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl.
Maybe the way to beef up ridership is to give this baby a camo paint job and call it the Road Rager or Rampager or Terminator.
Patrick Vieira too gives the Gunners a midfield edge because,although Roy Keane is back,he is not the terrier-like box-to-box rampager of old.
Bjorn may not be a rampager, but steadiness on the flanks gives any team the balance it needs.
Not just in financial terms, but in terms of young Keane's bubbly presence and that spark of electricity the teenage rampager gave to the Sky Blues during his one season on the eastern wing of the West Midlands.