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This time it's not about the Master Chief, it's about Cortana and she's starting to suffer from rampancy - a condition where an A.I.'s knowledge base expands beyond capacity after seven years and they 'think themselves to death'.
Lost on the edge of deep space, with nothing but the ever more erratic Cortana for company (come Halo 4, she's suffering from Rampancy, an AI equivalent of dementia) 343i's first Halo proper is a suitably unnerving.
The situation has led to the rampancy of the scourge among particularly women, giving it a woman's face.
At the same time, the discovery of theological or ideological affinity with Islam by Western clerics or illuminati may be very slow to penetrate the popular mind, especially in times when this mind is assailed by 'dramatic evidence to the contrary' and democratic states become targets of aggression motivated precisely by a shift to rampancy by a pole in the theological spectrum.
Female rights advocate Katrina Legarda said that the rampancy of abuse against women, amid efforts to educate women and empower them, traces its roots to the fact that domestic abuse is a "silent crime." Consequently, battered women appear to be at risk for developing serious psychological outcomes (Boes & McDermott 2002).
With these funds it was possible to hire provocateurs, lumpen, bandits - and the new government could do nothing against the rampancy of these elements, said Dubnov.All the money of the country were concentrated in the hands of one family, said Dubnov.
British parents too are alarmed at the rampancy of the problem.
Japan, one character said, would "preside over a confederation of Asia," would "restrain the rampancy of England and France," and would "thwart the designs of Russia" (Beasley 1982, 153; Feldman 1952, 72; Sansom 1968, 412-14).
When discussing the difficulties, most people immediately blame the rampancy of "piracy".
How can Strachan sit in the stand while his team visibly degenerate from a position of superiority and near rampancy and a 2-0 lead in 20 minutes?
He shared partnerships of 162 with Kallis and 64 in 13 overs with Cullinan, whose relative rampancy was only possible because the teeth had been drawn from the home attack when he took guard at 164 for two in the 61st over.
But he does not explore the nuance of recent democratic rule in Argentina, particularly the rampancy of political corruption, antidemocratic tendencies in the governments of the 1980s, as well as the extent to which workers have resigned themselves to abuses of political authority.