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Recently, the wildlife authorities' in India introduced the aerial drones equipped with cameras, to check rampant poaching.
Q WHICH character in Sex and the City is famous for using the Rampant Rabbit vibrator?
Digvijay Singh also criticized Anna Hazare, and said that the rampant corruption in the Gujarat was not visible to the veteran social activist.
And he has decided both the Saltire and the Lion Rampant should fly outside St Andrew's House.
4 NATURE provides a genetic explanation for some of the clinical complexity of AIDS infection, and supports previous findings that rapid and significant HIV-1 mutation may be rampant within individuals even after initial infection (SN: 4/9/88, p.
ISLAMABAD, November 24, 2009 (Frontier Star): Shabab-e-Milli organization has announcing to hold Nationwide protests against rampant inflation, unemployment, and crisis of energy and gas in the Country have said that if the government does not accept the demands of the public than they would start a long march towards Islamabad.
Liaquat Baloch was addressing a protest rally staged by JI Islamabad I-8 chapter here Sunday against rampant inflation and unemployment.
Prince Charles gave her her very own coat of arms which features a rampant boar's head with a chained crown around its neck.
Today in Burma poverty is rampant, except for the military junta and the drug lords.
I know many who are disgusted with gay culture and are tired of accepting it because it is gay--as if that excused immodesty, vulgarity, promiscuity, rampant drug and alcohol use, mindless consumerism, perpetual adolescence, etc.