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There are probably sexual advancements pero dun sa sinasabi nilang rampant, that's too harsh to say.
On Wednesday, a report commissioned by the new government said 'rampant corruption' in the former administration had led to the 'near collapse' of the West African nation's economy.
Many patrons to Mirissa took to social media to highlight the rampant sexual harassment and abuse in the area.
'Rampant child labour poses a big question on the so-called good governance,' he said.
"Given that this has been the policy for eight years with the Lion Rampant flying proudly on royal occasions, including jubilees and new royal births and weddings as well as birthdays, why have none of these (Conservative) politicians and newspapers even noticed the flags flying in front of their eyes for the best part of a decade!" he wrote.
The area falling under Haryana should be declared wild life sanctuary and all The Aravalli mountain range severe threat rampant mining and encroachment in forest
The governor of Texas thinks that fraud in the electoral system that put him and others in office is "rampant."
The reclusive leader of North Korea held a rare high-level meeting with top government officials to address rampant corruption by authorities, state media reported Thursday.
Snowdrops in the green will produce 100 per cent success as they are lifted and sent to you with their green foliage intact for you to transplant and establish a rampant colony of cheerful snowdrops.
Here, the 3d Engineer Battalion, 364th Regiment (Task Force Rampant), 5th Armored Brigade, Division West, First Army, trains engineer units to conduct route clearance operations to meet the global threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
13 -- Speaker of Nagaland Legislative Assembly Chotisuh Sazo dismissed the wild allegation of the State Governor PB Acharya that the state politicians had indulged in "rampant corruption."
The 5-0 score line didn't flatter the rampant hosts who turned on the style in front of 1,519 supporters at The Shay.