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While criminal groups accounted for an overwhelmingly majority of cyber strikes on networks, "hacktivists" were the ones who rampantly looted data once inside computers; this re-imagined and re-invigorated specter of 'hacktivism' rose to taunt organizations around the world
The MPs warned of the illegitimate weapons rampantly proliferated in Lebanese streets.
How can they say alternative medicine is getting out of hand and facilities are growing rampantly when they are the ones who issue the licence?
The gay community rampantly discriminates against transgender individuals, I feel, because they can't or do not want to discern the difference between a "drag queen" and a transgendered individual.
Some bamboos will also thrive in shade, but make sure if you have limited space you buy the clump-forming varieties rather than those which spread rampantly and are difficult to dig up.
Accusing the private schools of hiking fee rampantly, ANNISU-R, the student wing of the UCPN (Maoist), enforced an indefinite shutdown of schools across the nation starting Sunday.
Wildlife Minister Huw Irranca-Davies gave the go-ahead for the release at several sites of the tiny sap-sucking insect, which is a predator to the rampantly growing plant in their native Japan.
The disease has been dormant for fourteen years and is now rampantly manifesting itself in all the populace aged over fourteen.
Sir Les is a politician by trade and has held many influential roles down under, including Chairman of the Australian Cheese Board, Minister Of The Yarts (arts) and Minister for Sport with special responsibility to keep sports rampantly heterosexual and "blokey".
He was chairman of the Australian Cheese Board, minister of the Yarts and minister for sport, with special responsibility to keep sports rampantly heterosexual and 'blokey'.
Why, if they wanted their sixth form college to be rampantly elitist, did they show such zeal for the comprehensive model up to the age of 16?
From the forthcoming crisis in gender and sexuality (HIV/AIDS is rampantly destroying Africa's human population due to unrestricted heterosexual activity, yet modern culture in industrialized nations has failed to heed the terrible warning and adhere to the Christian model of saving sex until after marriage), to the coming Russia/Israel/Iran confrontation, to the forthcoming 'Apocalypse' that won't quite be the end of the world, America's Destiny is surprisingly grounded in serious-minded issues and reveals the logic behind tenets of Christian faith designed to stave off societal harm, as well as the amazing insights of biblical predictions.