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The two grants, if distributed, would represent remunerative embellishment of the existing array of generous pay and benefits, giving the CEO a couple of new plums that are currently valued at nearly twice the level of his already rampantly out-of-sync salary and bonus.
Now for a chap on the outer rim of plump -with ravaged bodily parts that wouldn't pass a human MoT -this hectoring tone appears symptomatic of the bull ying bur eaucratic tactics that seem to be rampantly de rigueur in today's society.
For ``nicer models'' of yellowtail, bring a 30-pound jig setup and a variety of surface iron for when the fish are feeding more rampantly and less selectively.
Cases of child sex abuse have been rampantly reported across Delhi.
You know, we are trying to tell people that the drug that has killed the vultures, Diclofenac, which was used for veterinary purposes, which is banned but there is an alternative and a very cheap alternate which is the human diclofenac, which is quite rampantly used in this area and our awareness is about that," said Sumanta Ghosh, director of Corbett Vulture Conservation organization.
The plant has suffered from a combination of rampantly rising fuel prices and cheaper Chinese imports and will cease production in two months' time.
Except and I can sense my fists balling already - the rampantly outrageous behaviour of - crikey, there's steaming blood leaking out the corner of my eyeballs - certain - I think I'm going to have to shout - MAJOR RECORD LABELS
Culverhouse Cross offered little respite from the feeling of being under siege from rampantly commercialised annual events.
The sun-loving equivalent of baby's tears, it grows rampantly and, left unchecked, will take over every bare spot of garden earth within a week or two.
Consumer Voice found that pesticides such as chlordane, endrin and heptachlor ( which can cause serious neurological problems, kidney damage and skin diseases) were rampantly being used in fruits and vegetables supplied across Delhi.
It is awareness regarding this salt called Diclofenac because though the veterinary one has been banned, the alternate of that is human Diclofenac which is being used rampantly (for livestock of cattle).
Two other species, which may not tolerate severe winter weather or prolonged frost, are Sarcococca ruscifolia , a 90cm (3ft) species with creamy-white flowers and dark red berries, and Sarcococca saligna , of similar height but spreading more rampantly, with unscented greenish-white flowers and purple fruits.