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He owes a small fortune to ST VINCENT (12) VINCENT (Bill Murray) lives in a ramshackle house with a pet cat and dreams of the past.
The army of bricklayers, plumbers, electricians and decorators gave up weekends and evenings for free to gut and rebuild a ramshackle house for four-year-old Aidan Jackowiak.
35am) Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley traipse around the Peak District, burdened by their ramshackle psychic gifts.
Megan, 23, and contest boss Julia Morley were on the upper storey of a ramshackle orphanage when about 20 excited children rushed towards them and the wooden floor caved in.
Manama, July 24th (BNA) --The producer, Mohammed Al Elaiwi, through Bahrain Artistic Production, is getting ready to present the comic play "A Low-fat Citizen," during Eid Al Fitr, which is considered the second part of the comic play "A Ramshackle Citizen," which was received with a great success during its performance last year during Eid Al Fitr, and will be presented at Bahrain Cultural Hall.
He said there was "a real need to recreate the Malian army, which is in a very ramshackle state.
TWO new nights hit Liverpool this weekend Ramshackle and Propaganda.
Clare is a single mum with two kids, struggling to make ends meet in a ramshackle cottage.
My First Tooth, Fjords, Andrew Rhys Lewis, Greg Ramshackle 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff Tickets: pounds 2 Lovely bill of talented tunesmiths headed by folky singer-songwriter often compared to Damien Rice.
Think The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys, both of which are clearly big influences here - the Houdinis' ramshackle, yet charming melodies lodging in your brain, putting their mucky feet on the sofa and refusing to leave.
Summary: Peter Falk, best known for his role as ramshackle detective Columbo in the 1970s television series, has died aged 83 at his LA home.
His new solo project combines influences like Graham Coxon, Rocket From The Crypt and Johnny Cash and comes with a full backing band who help Phil to create lo-fi indie that's equal parts rockin' and ramshackle.