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Sir Alan, who served in the Foreign office under Mr Johnson, insisted his actions were not motivated by "personal animosity of any sort" about Mr Johnson but "I have very grave concerns that he flies by the seat of his pants and it's all a bit haphazard and ramshackle".
"We can't go on with this ramshackle system, which puts huge pressure on individuals, who are reacting well but the system is not fit for purpose, and doesn't begin to face the issues."
In his skillful review of my book, Racing Against History: The 1940 Campaign for a Jewish Army to Fight Hitler, Michael Rosen writes that the Allies had little enthusiasm "to field a ramshackle force of Jews cobbled together from multiple countries under siege" ("The Jewish Army that Wasn't," Summer 2018), When Winston Churchill assumed office in 1940, however--with Europe effectively gone, America not ready to enter the war, and Britain's military severely depleted at Dunkirk--he considered a Jewish force not only a realistic option but an urgent one.
We chat at his club Arabe Unido's ramshackle ground, in Colon.
Old wooden carts and new shiny metal pails can be found at the base of ramshackle wooden buildings.
Ramshackle Sewerage lines, shortage of street lights, heap of garbage these are the main issues which residents told them.
People visiting the park have demanded the provincial government to order an inquiry against the park administration for failing to check the ramshackle swing boat.
They now live in a hedonistic and ramshackle town, unpoliced and filled with gangs who make a living smuggling alien hair to be smoked as a drug by humans.
He lives in a ramshackle building in an equally ramshackle area of a large town, with his uncle, a taciturn accountant who took him in when his mother, a brilliant scientist, was committed and later died.
SKELETONS BBC1 12.10AM (Wales: 1.10am; N Ireland: Wednesday, 12.35am) Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley traipse around the Peak District, burdened by their ramshackle psychic gifts.
SANDOWN: 2.00 Only Ten Per Cent, 2.30 Dartmouth, 3.05 Time Test, 3.40 Producer, 4.15 Ramshackle, 4.45 Shama's Crown, 5.20 Norab.
Megan, 23, and contest boss Julia Morley were on the upper storey of a ramshackle orphanage when about 20 excited children rushed towards them and the wooden floor caved in.