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In his reply the Emperor, shunning all etiquette and courteous forms, rancorously chided his obese and perplexed adversary.
23) On this occasion, Soto y Gama delivered a rancorously anticommunist speech.
His defense rancorously twisted the position of the Ciceronians into a paganizing tendency.
If Russian behavior in Georgia continues to rancorously divide the international community, Assad could soon find it more difficult to maneuver between the Americans and the Russians, and to use his indirect talks with Israel as a means of reopening a channel to the United States.
It is normal for such grievances to be voiced rancorously by people living within the 10 km radius of the centre.
Here, Olson was inspired by his mother, who sent him press clippings on the debate on evolution -- which evolutionary scientists rancorously dismissed as no debate at all -- as to whether creationism should be taught alongside evolution in schools, a roundelay ratcheted up when the notion of "intelligent design" entered the dialogue.
188) and rather rancorously undermines Hardy's debut into the world of poetry, his courageous launching of his first volume of verse, Wessex Poems in 1898.