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The Shura Council also condemned the violent reactions which targeted US diplomatic missions in several Arab and Muslim countries, urging all Muslims to condemn the heinous film in peaceful and civilized way, to reflect the tolerant image of Islam and abort the attempts of hate-mongers to fuel hatred and rancour .
The union has rightly condemned this latest incident, but we must hope that they can also assist in bringing all this rancour to an end.
According to Gerald Kaplan, executive director of Alpha Human Services, a private, non-profit community corrections center for sex offenders, counselors Steve Rancour and Tom Kane are the backbone of the residential treatment staff.
The Justice Minister's credibility is at an alltime low after a week of revelations, rancour and "retirement" of Martin Callinan.
I hope other major organisations and businesses will also show the same foresight and willingness without excuse or rancour.
He found in the expression her face the "marks of grief" but there was no trace of rancour or vengeance, "rather the spirit of calm reflection and meditation
Throughout their trials, neither of the parents evinced rancour towards the medical staff who dealt with them, accepting that the doctors themselves were under great pressure.
Surely these modern machines, which after all belong to us, the people, who pay our taxes for them, are far better equipped to save lives and property and should be used without rancour from any quarter.
Despite all the rancour though, Gardiner insists he and his teammates are enjoying their hurling once again.
In a fortunately calmer atmosphere it is difficult for people to remember or acknowledge the depth of rancour that was building up.
De Lima, who was only able to take a bronze after Horan's attack, told Ireland's RTE Radio One's Liveline programme: ``I bear no rancour at all.