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As per agreement, the Ateneo is willing to shoulder the expenses for the random drug test,' he added.
The application of random number generator has been discussed previously.
In fact, it's not just the biggest hit that occurs at random: The second-biggest and third-biggest also hit randomly.
Random Lengths provides unbiased and consistent price assessments and market reporting for the global wood products industry with a core focus on the all-important North American lumber and panels markets, assessing and publishing over 1,500 prices per week.
Various problems have been solved based on this approximation such as solution of stochastic differential equations [11], linear structural dynamics [4, 5], and nonlinear random vibration [12,13]; soil-structure interaction [14], structural reliability [15], and identification [16, 17].
Random numbers are used to make the encryption keys that lock and unlock access to data or systems.
In this brief article, I hope to persuade library information system developers to accommodate randomness, both in their user interfaces (with a link to a random item) and in their APIs and web services (with a random item function).
The five tasks included listing the hypothetical results of a series of 12 coin flips so that they would "look random to somebody else," guessing which card would appear when selected from a randomly shuffled deck, and listing the hypothetical results of 10 rolls of a die -- "the kind of sequence you'd get if you really rolled a die."
Let (S, P) be a random locally convex module over K with base ([OMEGA], F, P) and G an [L.sup.0]-convex subset of S such that G has the countable concatenation property.
But this still falls short of being truly random. If the mouse is on the left of the screen one moment, it's less likely to be all the way on the right in the following instant.
However, there also exist other stochastic systems with both random fields and external noise processes.
Key Words: Partially ordered set, -symmetric property, mixed g -monotone property, Compatible maps, Couple random coincidence point.

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