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Simple interval mapping was then performed by extending previously established methods (Lander and Botstein, 1989) to accommodate non-homozygous parents and multiple generations of random mating followed by selfing.
For a given gene frequency, the degree of the downward bias is partly dependent on the sampling of different subdivisions and individuals within subdivisions For balanced data from r random mating populations of size n (i.
The indices in "L-S" comparison confirm random mating and equal performance between sexes and strains thereby ruling out incompatibility issues resulting from effects of radiation treatment.
Deviation from random mating was negative for all breeds except of CLWd (0.
socius was in the majority, there were significant deviations from random mating expectations (Table 1).
For CY and CL, the actual average inbreeding coefficient tended to be smaller than expected inbreeding coefficient based on random mating since 2004 (Figure 5).
We depart from the assumption that choice is not present, and deviations from random mating are entirely due to mating propensities.
After selection given by these functions, random mating in each species determines the phenotypic distributions [p.
These results indicated that deviation from HWE and random mating in an actual population does not necessarily degrade the performance of excluding a close relative of the true sires.
3] indicates a random genetic male sterile plant from the random mating population KP9B.
This was done to avoid the potential inbreeding effects on DT and TL due to consanguineous matings in the egg-laying cages (about 1% if random mating is assumed).
For a large population under random mating, linkage equilibrium can be assumed for all possible pairs of loci, with the result that a similar number of coupling and repulsion combinations occur.