random sample

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The availability of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) CensusAtSchool website meant that students could move beyond their classes and collect random samples from a pseudo-population of Year 5 students, observe variation, and make decisions.
A sample for this process is "random" when the vials from different populations are mixed together forming a "pool of mixed product", and random samples of n vials are taken over time.
We can use a simple random sample if we can easily identify the sampling units and if the population is small and homogeneous.
There is a data restriction for the firms in the random sample, so our analysis is restricted to the other categories of determinants used in Berkman and Bradbury's 1996 study.
Random sampling - a random sample of size n is selected from the combined strata.
The IRS was unable to prove that the assessment was properly performed, it failed to maintain records of an alleged random sample of days from which it determined the tip rates.
The formula for calculating the design factor is the standard deviation in simple random sample divided by the standard deviation in the convenience sample (Hainville and Jowell, 1983).
Many applications, though, require a random sample without duplicates.
The survey, developed by RHI Management Resources, is based on responses from 1,400 CFOs from a stratified random sample of companies with more than 20 employees.
2 million in bids awarded by the Port Authority, while a random sample of contractors from the Port, Authority vendor list who did not attend won only, $410,000 in contracts.