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They turn in a few more than they need, the random sampling doesn't qualify and we have to do a full check,'' he said.
NOTE TO EDITORS: A total of 479 human resource professionals responded to a survey which was distributed to a random sampling of 1,000 SHRM members and appeared in the October issue of HRNews, an SHRM monthly publication.
But this is the first time that researchers have looked at a random sampling of births (more than 50,000 of them, at 12 hospitals) to see if the apparent associations hold up.
The survey was sent to a random sampling of 10,000 Fortune 50 users of Genesys Meeting Center.
The sample was selected using statistically valid random sampling procedures certified by Dr.
Random sampling in 51 of the state's 58 counties has verified 680,925 signatures of registered voters more than enough signatures to put the measure to the voters in November 2004 when the special election will be held.
PDLA processes toxicology samples under Federal Guidelines (NIDA), for pre-employment and random sampling of drug-free workplace programs.
The survey is being conducted this afternoon and tomorrow, and results will be available as they are obtained from this national random sampling of physicians.
the online survey polled a random sampling among a national Internet population of 1001 adults 18 years of age and older.