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He said it is tough enough to use the random selection process to seat a trial jury.
Australian politician, Andrew Leigh describes the new research on random selection as an "interesting contribution".
Concurrently, it is possible to see that one random selection has a high probability of a very bad schedule.
c) Random selection of principals and random selection of superintendents, without regard to any connections.
Thus, this imbalance has become more of a threat, because the random selection of senior officials is combined with aggravation of crises that need the highest degree of systematic and methodological work to be solved.
Supporters of the change also argue that demographic changes mean there are now sufficient numbers of Welsh speakers around the country to render the argument over random selection invalid.
Interviews were not necessarily any fairer than random selection, said Mr Williams.
The survey, administered to a random selection of 4,400 AAFP members active in patient care, includes data from 1,664 respondents.
It is a random selection system that also takes no account of merit, experience, effort, contributions, or need.
Home improvement does nothing to improve marital harmony, according to a random selection of men and women aged between 21 and 40 who were questioned by Hamilton Direct Bank.
One popular feature is the Street Survival Newsline Mailbag, which consists of a random selection of e-mail feedback from members, who share their thoughts on recent transmissions, new crime-fighting techniques they have learned recently, or general observations on the state of law enforcement today.
Now, the most comprehensive follow-up study to date of patients discharged from mental hospitals indicates that those who do not abuse alcohol or illicit drugs commit violent acts no more frequently than a random selection of their neighbors in urban communities.