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Scientists today don't hold that cancer cells are dispersed randomly throughout the body, so that only growth conditions in different organs determine the distribution of metastases.
For this fickle scheduler, Winkler can specify precisely which arrays of points and connections lend themselves to collision-free navigation by two randomly walking tokens.
The power-law relationship indicates that the probability of a Web user coming across a document with a large number of outgoing links is significantly higher than it would be if links were randomly distributed among all sites.
IKEA Tempe Grand Opening Bonus Treat - From November 10 through November 14, visitors can randomly win 100% off of their purchases at IKEA Tempe throughout the day.
Using the biochemical machinery of yeast, they randomly recombined the pieces in a process known as DNA shuffling.
The 154 chemotherapy naive patients with advanced pancreatic cancer were randomly assigned to one of two arms; 79 patients were randomized to G17DT and 75 patients had the placebo.
Fair odds in a randomly chosen fixture would be approximately 31-1.
The TERASEL project will develop a basic technology platform for rigid large-area randomly shaped electronic circuits.
Now through March 8, Planet Fitness will randomly select fans each week for a chance to win a trip to the finale, which includes:
27 Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a Boston-based team of researchers reports that among more than 5,000 women, those randomly assigned to get vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid were no less likely to develop potentially precancerous colorectal polyps than were women getting a placebo.
a plurality of substantially inelastic first fibers positioned on the base balloon, the first fibers comprising randomly oriented fibers defining random angles at a plurality of locations where the fibers intersect and cross over each other, the first fibers extending over the cylindrical barrel and transition portions of the balloon;
2) Five Starbucks gift cards worth $10 each for fans selected randomly when the number of fans hit 1,000;