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After controlling for characteristics such as gender, language, and education, they found that age was the only factor that affected the ability to behave randomly.
In a fourth study, vanDellen randomly assigned 112 volunteers to write about a friend with good self-control, bad self-control or-for a control group-a friend who is moderately extroverted.
Winner will be randomly selected by midnight on the 4th March.
The consultants conclude that a trusting relationship with "25 or 30 randomly selected employees among tens of thousands doesn't matter.
For the flow-cytometric analyses, the researchers extracted cells by mechanical dispersion from 39 randomly selected samples.
AN ARTIST who randomly vandalised nearly 50 cars as part of a project said yesterday the owners should be happy they were involved in his 'creative process'.
In October 2002, we randomly chose 5 of Kabul's 14 administrative districts to carry out a house-to-house survey (HHS) as well as 13 focus group discussions (FGDs) with women.
Every month, 23 million people with pounds 25billion invested place their trust and hopes in ERNIE randomly picking their winning Premium Bond numbers.
It's a collection of short interviews that are sort of randomly collected and conducted, but some are pretty interesting and/or funny, while some are head-scratchers (but I think that's the point).
In a letter, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan encouraged the business owners that were randomly selected for the survey to participate, noting that the data collected by past surveys have been critical for policy decisions at the Federal Reserve and in other parts of government.