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RANGE. This word is used in the land laws of the United States to designate the order of the location of such lands, and in patents from the United States to individuals they are described as being within a certain range.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The 22-year-old bundled home from close range against Southampton on Tuesday night to earn a second Premier League scalp of the season for the English League One side.
NNA - Tomorrow's weather (Monday) is clear to partly cloudy with fog forming on the mountain range against stable seasonal temperatures as forecasted by Beirut Airport -based Meteorology Department.
The central bank keeps the ruble within a floating range against the basket and moves it by 5 kopecks either way if the amount of its purchases or sales of foreign currencies exceeds an amount set by the central bank's internal rules.
The euro also moved in a narrow range against the dollar and yen before the Fed policy meeting, dealers said.
The decision by the People's Bank of China enables the yuan to trade in a wider daily range against the dollar in order to meet market demands and enhance the flexibility of yuan exchange rate.
Khan is taller by four inches and has a superior reach advantage and, when he finds his range against this smaller opponent, I believe he can win by a stoppage in and around five or six rounds.
Groups that outnumbered their opponents could convert their numerical superiority to a competitive advantage when defending the centre of their own range against neighbouring intruders, but failed to do so when they attempted to invade the ranges of their neighbours, because more individuals in large groups chose not to participate.
According to Ford, the increase in market share is attributed to the strong consumer sales across its range against last year.
Setchell showed impressive speed of fist and foot to dart in and out of range against a much taller opponent and the stylish southpaw forced a count in the second with a two-fisted burst.