range of choice

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"We have recently revised the range of choice available but there are still potato dishes and vegetable options available for patients at all main meals.
There was a wide range of choice and the food was well cooked.
The case studies give an indication of the range of choice available to parents and show how this varies among LEAs.
The new X Series offers a range of choice and technologies for consumers wanting everything from the the fastest intelligent camera (Xperia X) to a premium smartphone with powerful features and performance (X Performance), to a top-performing mid-range smartphone with stunning design and low-light selfie camera (Xperia XA).
We wish to move to excellence for all our young people with a range of choice in courses and options."
From February 1, they will be provided with a fully integrated, 24/7 service with a wider range of choice from specialists Air Products.
The retail food markets in Birmingham City Centre are striving to provide and promote an affordable range of choice for everyday shoppers and visitors to Birminghamas well as the food service and leisure industry.
The branch office offers the customers a wide range of choice of banking products and services.
According to Kinfe Kahssaye, CEO of Air Nigeria, the resumption of long-haul flights is a historic moment for Nigerian aviation and in West African sub-region as passengers now get a wide range of choice and more than ever before, can conveniently connect onwards to London and Johannesburg and points beyond.
Customers demand a huge range of choice in this particular product category, which we can now confi-dently deliver with an outstanding offer placing us firmly amongst the top homeware and furniture destinations in this region."
From jeeps to local cars, it provides a wide range of choice to its customers.
Europe's 400 million internet users face a geographic lottery regarding the price, speed, and range of choice of broadband, according to data released Wednesday.