range of view

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Higgins and, at the very least, use this incident to remind their staff that while political debate and a broad range of views are at the core of the university's mission, partisan politics cannot be written into the curriculum.
There are still important issues which are uncertain and we are keen to get a wide range of views.
The Delphi panel generated a broad range of views, priorities and solutions to inform future development in relation to many key areas.
Arnold said: "Inevitably, given the wide-ranging characteristics of trainers, a wide range of views are held.
This spring, they came up with a compromise they hoped lawmakers with a range of views could support; instead, it came under attack from all sides.
The participant selection was also considered and inclusive, giving a wide range of views to help patients understand their position.
By publishing a diverse range of views on a wide array of topics, "Children's Voice" seeks to encourage public discussion and debate among those who are committed to helping children and families.
Education is a quest, a voyage of discovery weighing up a range of views and encouragement of notions,' she told a central London conference on plagiarism.
Similarly, the chapter on hunting would have been more nuanced and convincing had a wider range of views, from Henry Salt's vegetarianism (briefly mentioned) to Charles Bradlaugh's love of fishing, been considered.
A dozen essays, some reprinted and some written for the anthology, present a range of views on the brain, the mind, and the connection between the two, with the goal of trying to find common ground among the various approaches and perspectives.
Readers are invited to post their own comments below any blog entries, opening up the discussion to a potentially wide range of views.