range of view

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When asked what people thought would deter somebody from letting your dog off the lead near livestock and the current law and enforcement measures, there were also a range of views.
Judging by the less than spectacular range of views from the top of the wheel let's just hope most of his big moments occurred within 100 yards of the o2.
Council leader Joe Anderson said: "The confidential advice we received from Cherie Booth QC relates to a decision which we took a year ago and was one of a range of views sought over this issue, including those of the district auditor.
Many believe that having a coalition government will help to ensure that a wide range of views of the people of Kyrgyzstan are represented in the new government and will, in fact, enhance stability.
has been replaced by a broader range of views that don't all have his approval.
Judicial Conference to gather a range of views and empirical evidence as part of an examination of the current system of civil litigation for possible reform.
7, 2004 edition of Black Issues, and the interview text that accompanied it, "On the Road with Barack Obama," Obama revealed a wide range of views, including those on U.
Walters continued, "The wide range of views offered by our brokers and consultants are valuable, but it's also essential that we have access to new mathematical tools that enable models to be altered and updated, based on rapidly changing scenarios.
Higgins and, at the very least, use this incident to remind their staff that while political debate and a broad range of views are at the core of the university's mission, partisan politics cannot be written into the curriculum.
The Delphi panel generated a broad range of views, priorities and solutions to inform future development in relation to many key areas.
Arnold said: "Inevitably, given the wide-ranging characteristics of trainers, a wide range of views are held.
Jeremy Dawson, director of the Institute for Health Services Effectiveness at Aston Business School, who heads up the survey team, said: "It is important with any survey to get the maximum number of responses and the broadest range of views.