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JNF Ranger Lewis Smith documented two major fires on the Glenwood Ranger District--in 1930 and 1942--that each burned a couple thousand acres of forest land.
This piecemeal deployment of the airborne force probably resulted from the different time it took each aircraft to rerig en route; it undoubtedly contributed to Ranger casualties and allowed the enemy to mount a more effective resistance.
The karate-kickin' superheroes are making their PlayStation debut on November 24 and to celebrate we've joined up with videogame publisher THQ for a mega Power Rangers competition.
Ranger Dirch Foreman maintains that wheel building is a half-baked notion "imported by white wanna-be-Indians.
One Ranger told me Christianity added to his aboriginal spirituality.
Violations of the principle of unity of command also occurred within Task Force Ranger itself.
For detailed information, plus accompanying interpretive information, call the phone numbers (usually district ranger stations) shown in parentheses.