rank first

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Taiwanese travelers rank first in number in 20 rural prefectures of Japan and second in the whole country, according to the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA).
According to JTA's 2018 statistics on foreign travelers' accommodation, Chinese rank first in number with 221.7 million people (26.5 percent), Taiwanese come in second with 121 million (14.5 percent), and South Koreans round out third with 119.5 million (14.3 percent).
"Based on the data on the production of scientific essays and given the number of universities that have produced more than 100 nanotechnology essays between 2015 to 2018, Iran, Turkey and Malaysia are the three superior states and they rank first to third, respectively, in production of science in this field," Mehrad told FNA on Sunday.
The area has experienced more than 6 million square feet of leasing activity and 1.8 million square feet of positive absorption through mid-year, both of which rank first among suburban markets.
"Given the efforts made by the Islamic Iran's youths, we will rank first in the region in science and technology before 2025," Sadatinejad said.