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RANK. The order or place in which certain officers are placed in the army and navy, in relation to others, is called their rank.
     2. It is a maxim, that officers of, an inferior rank are bound to obey all the lawful commands of their superiors, and are justified for such obedience.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The results of Wilcoxon's rank sum test show that LebTLBO is worse than DLTLBO, but it is better than TLBO, mTLBO, NIWTLBO, LETLBO, and GOTLBO.
In the hypertension and not having hypertension groups, the median-dilated pupil diameters were 6.4 (5.7, 7.2) mm and 6.7 (6.0, 7.3) mm (p = 0.50; Wilcoxon rank sum test) and the median PL ratios were 53.9 (50.0, 62.2) and 58.3 (52.0, 61.4) (p = 0.42; Wilcoxon rank sum test), with no significant difference.
The median E% of plasma DNA of the treatment-responsive group was 22.5% (interquartile interval: 17.2-27.1%), which was higher than that of the nonresponsive group (median: 12.3%; interquartile interval: 7.5-13.7%) (P = 0.0003, Mann-Whitney rank sum test; Fig.
Look up the table to get the tail values in the rank sum test. When the sum [R.sub.1] satisfies the test criterion (7), there is pollution; otherwise, there is no pollution.
Rank sum tests the null hypothesis that the two datasets are samples from continuous distributions with equal medians, against the alternative that they are not.
TNF bioactivity was heterogeneous in the 3 groups (Kruskal-Wallis rank sum test p < 0.0001).
Wilcoxon rank sum test, where it was applicable, did not show significance difference (p value < 0.05) between any group of participants and the overall group.
Data were presented as mean [+ or -] SD, analyzed by one-way ANOVA, and followed by LSD test or rank sum test.
The [C.sub.t] values for the upE target for 41 patients who died were significantly lower than those for 61 patients who survived (medians 31.0 and 33.0, respectively, p = 0.009, Wilcoxon rank sum test) (Figure 2, panel A).
Independent sample t test and Mann Whitney rank sum test were used to compare mean values.
The data were submitted to ANOVA to all variables between the ages, afterwards the Dunn's Method was used when possible according to distribution, and Mann-Whitney Rank Sum Test when the normal distribution failed, taking a significance level [alpha]=0,05.
Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test scores of whether obese female students' scores of body image, emotional level, social relations, and psychology subscales differ significantly before and after the exercise are shown in Table 1.