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RANKING. In Scotland this term is used to signify the order in which the debts of a bankrupt ought to be paid.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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IMD, a top-ranked global business school in Switzerland and Singapore, on Wednesday announced its annual world competitiveness ranking. As part of its ranking of 61 economies for 2015, the IMD World Competitiveness Centre looks at several aspects of each country as a place to conduct business.
"The county health rankings have helped galvanize communities across the nation to improve health," Lavizzo-Mourey said in a March news release.
The Active Search Results team believes that, "ASR's Page Ranking Technology is the new website page ranking algorithm that will excel a single or group of search engines to the forefront of the search industry as Google's PageRank did in 1998."
Ao repassar a historia dos rankings academicos na educacao superior e sua proliferacao, bem como, ao apresentar as caracteristicas principais de tres importantes rankings internacionais (3), seus criterios e limitacoes, Rizo (2010) defende que os rankings nao podem ser qualificados como um fenomeno novo no espaco anglo-saxonico, com especial relevancia ao espaco estadunidense, mas sim, trata-se de um fenomeno emergente no que se resume a sua proliferacao, tendo em vista que a ideia de rankings esta presente ha mais de um seculo nos EUA, remontando ao ano de 1888, e especialmente a ideia de classificacao institucional baseada na qualidade, proposta por James McKeen Cattel, em 1919.
Indian skipper Virat Kohli sits on the pole position in the batsmen rankings with 910 points.
1-year ranking: MFR 3-Star (Previous - December 31st, 2018: MFR 3-Star)
Mubashir, who was ranked 18th after the 44th national championship, moved 13 places to attain his career best fifth ranking. This was made possible after he played his career's first ranking final where he went down fighting to veteran Mohammad Asif by 7-8 frames.
University of Oxford is at the top spot of the overall clinical, pre-clinical and health rankings.
"We take great pride in this ranking not only for ourselves but for Pakistan, and will work to use it as an opportunity to enhance clinical care and access to life-saving treatments in the country."
Three universities in the United States topped the world rankings with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) ranking first, Stanford University ranking second, and Harvard University ranking third.
However, in the 2018-2019 CWUR World University Rankings, the only Nigerian University that made the top 1,000 Universities list in the world is the University of Ibadan, which took the 991 spot.
Tay purported that the chase for rankings even led some universities into corruption.