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But it's the World Cup reversal to Warren Gatland's men, rather than that defeat in Dublin, which rankles with O'Driscoll most.
The words of the Premier League supremo will rankle with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho (below), who believes referees are biased against his struggling champions, but Scudamore says glory for another club will underline the competitiveness of the top flight in England.
It is not just the ones that got away which rankle, it's the knowledge that at some point in the not-too-distant future, his career will come to an end.
Some say we are getting good money for him, but it is the fact he asked to leave that will rankle fans and ensure that he gets an appropriate reception when he returns with his Scouse mates.
It does not rankle the army, because after India and Pakistan became nuclear powers, that position of being able to take over another state is nullified," the paper quoted Zardari, as saying.
Bush proposes to help fund the growth through an increase in airline security ticket fees, an action that is sure to rankle the airline industry and face stiff congressional opposition.
Neither party has the guts or gumption to rankle the powerhouse corporate contributors--who happen to be the privacy thieves.
Today even the least engage abstractionist operates against a cultural backdrop littered with agitprop, and a number of recent and not-so-recent censorship cases still rankle.
How it used to rankle, to be forced to listen to "Stayin' Alive," "Disco Duck," or whatever else someone nearby wanted to hear.
But there are still things about it that rankle, Murray (right) apart.
The premise of paying to win will rankle with many gaming purists out there, which is sad, because this is well presented and delivered on the small screen.